Straight exhibition display wall, medium

Straight exhibition display wall, medium
Material: System made of aluminium, high-quality display fabric
Weight: 18 kg
Print: one-sided printing
System sizes: 4X3: 297 x 224 x 30 cm (BxHxT)
Application: for trade fairs, events, congresses or promotion campaigns
Lightweight, high quality fabric display wall for tool-free assembly. Velcro is used to easily attach the textile print to the system. Ideal for exhibitions, functions, conferences or promotions.

Straight exhibition display wall, medium


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Fair time is advertising time!

If you present yourself at trade fairs, it is imperative that you attract attention. We offer you our fair grounds for this purpose. The textile wall with the dimensions 297 x 224 x 30 cm (WxHxD) is eye-catching and therefore perfectly suited for your trade fair appearance.

Lightweight construction

The textile wall can be assembled without tools without any problems. The textile print is simply attached to the frame with Velcro.


To bring the textile folding door safely to its destination, we deliver the wall in a safe troll. Optionally, the textile wall can also be equipped with lighting in the form of halogen spots. This makes it ideal for trade fairs, events, congresses or promotion campaigns.

are certain designs more expensive than others?

We are often asked if different motives increase the price. No, it's not like that. You can use a different motif for each banner if you wish. The price is always the same. This applies to all banners we offer. 

Special features?

Is quality saved because the banners are so cheap? We frequently ask these questions. No! Thanks to optimized production processes, short distances and effective use of materials, our product is cost-effective but of the best quality.


If you have a special request or question, <talk to us! Our staff will be happy to help you.



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