Fabric blockout banner

Fabric blockout banner
Material: Digitex® decoflex opaque textile banner with black barrier layer (H7380-0975), durable for up to 5 years
Weight: 285 g/m²
Print: one-sided print
Size: unbounded
Application: Exhibition walls, X-modules, aluminium frames with silicone piping, Mode, Octanorm systems
The latex print process uses B1 certified ink, which is flame retardant, environmentally friendly and entirely odourless.
Print: 6/0c original HP inks for long term use, with light colours for ideal colour reproduction. Ideal for decorative uses.

Fabric blockout banner


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Individual print

Let your motive come to life on our new textile blockout banner from Heytex. The high-quality textile banner can be printed on one side and is extremely strong, durable and absolutely opaque thanks to a barrier layer on the back.

With the latest printing technology, your logo shines in vibrant light colours: visibly intensive. The black, opaque back of the banner made of blackout textile absorbs disturbing light effects from the background. Even unstable environments are no longer a problem.

odour neutral latex colours from HP

The special latex print in light colours is made with our original HP inks. These are completely odourless, flame-resistant and environmentally friendly. The luminous light colours are worked into the soft, textile surface structure during the printing process. In this way an ideal colour rendering is achieved. The colour inks develop their full effect.

The fabric banner made of blackout textile is the environmentally friendly alternative to the PVC banner. Also in terms of durability and durability, the textile blockout banner made of blackout textile can definitely be seen in comparison to PVC. The fabric banner lasts for at least three to five years without losing colour intensity or tension and proves to be ideal for long-term use.

Application and packaging

Textile banners are generally more elegant than plastic banners and are often the better choice for indoor applications. The textile blockout banner is perfect for any interior and is B1-certified. It is easy to transport and folds up. This banner concept was created especially for use in trade fair construction, on stages or as wall covering, but can also be used as a decorative element in private areas. Its stable construction also allows it to be used outdoors without any problems. The textile blockout banner is available hemmed, cut, with hemstitch or eyelets. Of course we also accept custom-made products.

We make your textile blockout banner for you: Individually, inexpensively and exactly tailored to your wishes. Whether an elaborate photo motif or a simple text message, with us the price always remains the same regardless of the motif!



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