Fabric backlit banner

Fabric backlit banner
Material: Backlit fabric for illumination, B1
Weight: 190 g/m²
Print: one-sided print
Size: unlimited in height and width
Application: Keder tensioning fabric systems, illuminated frames, exhibition stand construction
This tensioned fabric is ideal for backlit displays or fabric prints for aluminium piping systems. The colours are printed in "double print mode" so that they're vivid and saturated when the fabric is illuminated. The fabric is PVC free and has a nice semi-glossy feel. Specially polymer coated for a high degree of whiteness.
Tensioned fabric for illumination / backlighting with piping.

Fabric backlit banner


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Individual print

Experience your individual imprint on one of our new backlit banners made of textile. The ultra-light and translucent material can be perfectly illuminated.

print in bi-print mode

The special texture of the banner made of extremely thin fabric allows optimum colour rendering. The colours are printed in double-print mode on the backlit textile made of high-quality polyester. This ensures incomparable colour quality. When shining through, the colours appear many times richer and more powerful.

Our modern fabric banner is made of 100% PVC-free material and weighs just 190 g per square metre. Its clear advantage: the high-quality semi-gloss fabric can be sewn to the welt much better than PVC, for example. The stretch fabric made of backlit textile is extremely robust, flame retardant, B1-certified and durable for three to five years. It withstands constant heating through backlighting, intensive use and maximum stress.

edge and tension fabric system

The backlit textile material is a first-class choice for all types of fabric prints. The fabric is perfectly suited for use in keder tension fabric systems and frame systems made of aluminium. Particularly in illuminated frames, it impresses with its extraordinary colour intensity and luminosity when backlit. Use the backlit textile for your advertising umbrellas, tents or blow-ups. A backlit banner is ideal for use in trade fair construction, but also attracts attention in supermarkets, department stores, airports and pedestrian zones.



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