Blockout banner, 2-sided

Blockout banner, 2-sided
Material: PVC with light barrier layer, 2-3 years durable
Weight: 800 g/m²
Print: banner printing on both sides for long-term use
Size: unlimited in height and width
Application: versatile for banner presentation on both sides
The two-sided PVC blockout banner is ideal for use in strong sunlight. We ensure the alignment of two-sided prints with the aid of laser measurements on the printer. The blockout banner is very robust and doesn't require any edge reinforcement.

Blockout banner, 2-sided


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Blockout banner for double-sided printing and lots of light

The advantage of the Blockout banner is the possibility to have the banner printed on both sides. The two-sided printing is aligned by laser measurements on the printing machine. By using the banner on both sides you create a double advertising effect. In addition, the Blockout Banner is provided with a light blocking layer, which makes the robust advertising banner opaque even under strong light incidence. So you always advertise with full expressiveness.

Customize your advertising banner according to your wishes

Customize the Blockout Banner with just a few mouse clicks. For example, opt for easy installation with adhesive eyes. If you decide against adhesive loops for your advertising banner, we deliver the Blockout banner cut to size and suitable for your individual mounting option. Or you can also cut your Blockout banner and order your banner uncut.

Extend the life of the Blockout banner with protective varnish

You can extend the life expectancy of any advertising banner with an additional protective varnish. Even a Blockout banner that can be kept for up to 3 years becomes even more durable with a SolProtect® protective varnish. Increase the UV resistance, scratch resistance and durability of the colours of your banner printing with a simple mouse click by giving the Blockout banner a protective varnish on both sides.

You have questions, wishes or want to print different motives?

Did you know that at Bannerheld you don't pay extra for different prints on your banner ads? For example, buy ten banners and design them with ten different motifs at no additional cost! Do you have any further questions? Then contact our customer service - friendly, competent and helpful we support you with your advertising visions.



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