Extreme banner

Extreme banner
Material: PVC Blockout, specially coated, calendered, durable for up to 5 years
Weight: 800 g/m²
Print: one-sided printing
Size: unlimited in height and width
Application: for long-term outdoor use and extreme conditions
Our extreme banner is a specially coated, calendered PVC banner for extreme demands. The heavy and loaded banner material is ideal for long term outdoor advertising. The barrier layer between the two PVC layers prevents light from shining through. With this banner, you'll be well equipped for every season. 

Extreme banner


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The Extreme Banner masters every challenge

With 800g/m² PVC the Extreme Banner is the heavyweight among the banners. This makes the material particularly resilient and durable for up to 5 years even in outdoor use. Use the long durability and extreme stability for meaningful advertising messages on facades, scaffolding, site fences and other surfaces in public spaces.

Brilliance of colour in all seasons with an advertising banner Extreme

The opaque barrier layer between the individual PVC coatings of the Extreme Banner makes the colours of your print look particularly strong and brilliant. In addition, the light-blocking layer prevents the light from shining through from behind - for maximum covering power at any time of the year. Whether rainy spring, dry summer, stormy autumn or icy winter: with an Extreme Banner your advertising messages shine in all weather conditions.

Customize your Extreme Banner to your needs with a few clicks

You can have an Extreme Banner packaged like any other advertising banner. Durable metal eyelets make this durable banner very easy to mount when you choose tensioning hooks or expander ropes. Or you prefer a piping or hemstitch for the implementation of your project. Of course, you can also just have the Extreme Banner cut to size or even order uncut. By the way, did you know that you can order a different motif for each advertising banner at no extra charge? Benefit from our professional and competent advertising banner production.

Give your Extreme Banner a protective varnish for even longer durability

A Extreme Banner with up to 5 years outdoor durability is not enough for you? Or you want to protect your advertising message from scratches and wear during assembly and dismantling? Then choose a SolProtect® protective coating with just one mouse click. The quick-drying liquid laminate leaves a brilliant, durable and flawless advertising banner that is particularly UV-resistant. Maximize the load capacity of your already robust Extreme banner.

Questions, wishes or suggestions about the banner assortment?

You have questions about the Extreme Banner or one of our other banners? You need special packaging, want to know how fast your advertising banner with overnight production and sameday delivery can get to you or need help with assembly? No problem! Contact our customer service and get free advice on all questions concerning advertising material, packaging, delivery and assembly.



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