Standard mesh banner

Standard mesh banner
Material: PVC with light barrier layer, 2-3 years durable
Weight: 270 g/m²
Print: one-sided printing
Size: unlimited in height and width
Application: Banner printing for long-term outdoor advertising e.g. as facade banners, scaffold banners or site fence banners
Our standard mesh banner is suitable for all outdoor large format advertising messages. Whether on house façades, fences, walls, or as scaffold cladding, it's the ideal advertising medium for your message. The material is extremely sturdy, tear-proof, and UV and weather-resistant, making it perfect for outdoor advertising. The standard mesh banner has a durability of roughly 6-12 months.

Standard mesh banner


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Resistant and light: the mesh banner from Bannerheld

A mesh banner is ideal for all those who are looking for weatherproof advertising material for large areas. The mesh material is windproof and very tear-resistant, ideal for large format prints in outdoor use. You advertise with a printed mesh banner without risk of tearing or accidents for up to 3 years. In addition, the high-quality PVC mesh B1-certified, which is frequently used for outdoor advertising, is also ideally positioned in terms of fire protection. Printing a mesh banner is very easy with Bannerheld: select the desired dimensions and packaging for the tarpaulin, determine the delivery time and convince customers shortly afterwards.

your mesh banner in outdoor advertising

A tarpaulin or a mesh banner is predestined for outdoor use as an advertising banner. The windproof PVC can be easily attached to many surfaces with one-sided printing and eyelets. In this way you can convey information at fences or construction sites or advertise large-format on house facades. Thanks to high-quality digital printing, your coloured advertising not only looks fabulous, but is also particularly safe on the wind-permeable, B1-certified and light material - even indoors. The mesh material is also suitable for advertising with flags.

Determine packaging and size of your mesh banner tarpaulins

You can have your mesh banner printed in unlimited size by simply welding individual strips. The light and windproof advertising tarpaulin can also withstand strong wind loads. A mesh banner with eyelets is mounted in no time with simple and inexpensive accessories such as tensioning hooks. The metal eyelets are attached to the mesh banner tarpaulin at a distance of 50 cm. Since you choose the packaging yourself, you can also have your banner printed only hemmed and cut or even uncut. You also have a large choice when it comes to shipping: express delivery, overnight or self-collection of banners in Berlin - you decide!

Increase the durability of the mesh banner with protective varnish

As the PVC coating forms a permanent bond with the water- or solvent-based printing ink, mesh banner tarpaulins can be used for up to 3 years - also as an advertising sign in outdoor advertising. If you want to enjoy your coloured PVC mesh banner even longer, add a SolProtect® protective coating to your banner with just one click. Your printed mesh banner becomes particularly UV-resistant and scratch-resistant and remains brilliantly coloured for longer. By the way: with Bannerheld you are not limited to one motif! Let different tarpaulins print and enjoy the free choice - you send your print data to Bannerheld and receive the print always inclusive, no matter how many motives.

Next more about Mesh Banner and Digital Printing in Berlin

You have equipped your printed mesh banner with eyelets, made it particularly durable with a protective varnish and now have questions about mounting? Or you simply want to learn more about outdoor advertising with mesh banners and tarpaulins or find out about other advertising possibilities, e.g. with advertising signs or flags? Then don't hesitate our Digital printing house in Berlin.



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