Layout Service

  • The Bannerheld Layout Service designs your print data

  • You don't want or can't design your digital print yourself? Then use our comfortable and professional layout service. We implement your ideas individually - even without a template. To do this, add the layout service to your order with just one click and we will contact you to determine your plans.

  • How to order the layout service

  • You can choose the professional layout service for designing your print data directly when ordering your product. Select the option "Banner hero designs your banner" under "Your layout". Of course, this does not only apply to banners, but you can also have your foils, your flag, your roll-up system, your advertising sign or your trade fair wall as well as all other products in the Bannerheld Shop designed by our professionals.

  • How the layout service works

  • Once you have added the layout service to your order as described above, complete your order first. Afterwards you will receive an email with all necessary information, which data Bannerheld needs for processing. For example, send us your logo, lettering, picture elements and other ideas by e-mail. Within 1-3 days you will receive the layout for your advertising material.

  • A correction loop is included

  • Each layout service contains a correction loop, which means that you can also receive subsequent change requests at an estimated price once. You let us know how we can implement your ideas even better and we will correct the data for you. However, the layout service only contains a correction loop. If changes are still required after the first correction, we charge 55 euros for each additional hour of graphic work.