Fixed size hoistable flag for flagpole without boom

Fixed size hoistable flag for flagpole without boom
Material: Polyester flag fabric, UV-resistant, weatherproof, washable, foldable
Print: one-sided printeder Sublimationsdruck, 90% Durchdruck. Für beidseitigen Druck mit zwei verschiedenen Motiven sprechen Sie uns an!
Size: unlimited, but for large formats with seam
Hoistable flags are a core element of outdoor advertising for companies, authorities and associations. We use a high quality sublimation printing process. Naturally you can choose between flags for flagpoles with or without booms. The flag is eyeleted on the right or left side and available at cheap prices thanks to our fixed sizing system.

Fixed size hoistable flag for flagpole without boom


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Flags as an advertising medium

With Bannerheld you can easily and conveniently order flags online. We print high-quality flag cloth exactly according to your wishes and requirements. Oversized beach flags, hoisting flags and even small pennants have become an integral part of advertising. The flag fabric used for your flag prints is 110g/m² thick. Digital ordering of flags and banners is a pleasure thanks to print data check, a variety of payment options and fast delivery!

Our online flags offer for you

Find flags with us, whether for inside or outside. We also offer hoisting flags for different flagpoles or complete beach flag systems in different shapes and sizes. The different appearance of the beach flags and their simple system fascinate many customers. Benefit from the movement: The contractions and fluttering of the light flag fabric brings variety to the regular banner. For example, our Gigant Flag with a system size of more than 5 meters can hardly be overlooked! Of course we also offer you the possibility to choose your own format. Hoist flags are not only suitable as national flags like the German flag! Promote your company with your individual flag print and stand out from your competitors at trade fairs and events, for example.

The difference between flag and flag

Did you already know what the difference between the terms flag and flag is? The former refers to all possible types of flags such as table flags, pennants, hoisting flags, balcony flags and beach flags. A flag, on the other hand, is in the narrower sense a national flag as it exists e.g. as a fan article or on masts in front of messages. In fact, however, we mostly use the terms as synonyms. From this point of view, a flag is not necessarily bound to a nation, this also applies to the hoist flag. It does not matter whether the hoisting flag is attached to a flagpole or a half-mast.

Hot flag or hoisting flag simply order online

Print your advertising flags quickly and easily with Bannerheld. Choose the right cut for your flagpole or flagpole, e.g. with or without hemstitch for an outrigger. You are free to choose the format according to your needs or choose between fixed sizes when ordering your flag, which have been particularly tried and tested in use. Our reliable shipping partners ensure that the durable flag material reaches you quickly. The durable flag material comes to you ready-made and ready for use and can be hoisted directly. Use express delivery or overnight production (please order by 10.00 a.m. on weekdays) if you need your flag particularly quickly.

flags of banner hero

Our short order routes, fast deliveries, favourable prices and our competent service are advantageous for you if you buy flags online at Bannerheld. Choose from our offer the suitable flag and size as well as accessories such as flagpoles, weights and spare prints for flag systems and you will soon reach new customers with your advertising flags. In addition to flags and banners, Bannerheld also offers banners, tarpaulins and exhibition systems for your advertising purposes. Take a look around and order your print easily!

If you have a special request or question, talk to us! Our staff will be happy to help you.



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