Hard foam, fixed sizes

Hard foam, fixed sizes
Material: foamed PVC in sheet form, B1, 5 years durable
Print: UV direct printing
Size: A4, A3, A2 long, A2, A1 long, A1, A0, 50 x 100 cm, 50 x 70 cm. 70 x 100 cm
Application: Advertising signs, building signs, company signs
Printed foam boards are the cheap alternative for company signage, advertising campaigns or information renewal at exhibitions and events. It's even cheaper if you opt for a hard foam board nameplate, which you can buy in fixed sizes. Automated production means particularly attractive low prices. The lightweight white base material is B1 certified, making it especially ideal for indoor use. However, these hard foam nameplates are also great for outdoor advertising. Have holes pre-drilled in the corners for practical mounting (Ø 7 mm) or ask us to round off the corners for a truly elegant look (6 mm radius).

Hard foam, fixed sizes


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Cheap advertising signs: Have rigid foam panel printed in a fixed manner

In Bannerheld's online shop you can have your Forex plate printed and use it as corporate advertising. Advertising signs made of hard foam (Forex) convince primarily by the unbeatably low price - this applies all the more if you decide on one of the fixed dimensions. Choose from the following fixed formats for your Forex print: A4, A3, A2 long, A2, A1 long, A1, A0, 50 x 100 cm, 50 x 70 cm. 70 x 100 cm. Direct plate printing is the ideal process for printing a Forex plate. We only use the original HP inks for millimetre-precise digital printing or UV printing. High brilliance and optimally resolved motifs are the impressive printing result. The UV inks of direct plate printing also cure immediately and are then scratch and impact resistant. This way you can advertise convincingly indoors with a hard foam print. Please note that the durability outdoors does not match that of an advertising sign made of acrylic glass or aluminium and choose such a model for longer outdoor use if you would like to have outdoor advertising signs printed. However, for short-term use or indoor advertising it is perfect to have a Forex board printed. In addition to the fixed size, you can also determine the material thickness and finishing of the inexpensive direct plate printing yourself. Simply pre-drill corners for uncomplicated installation. The light, printed sign even holds with adhesive tape, for example on roll-ups, displays or exhibition stands. In this way you can exchange information or draw attention to current offers in no time at all! But direct plate printing on rigid foam is also perfectly suited as a classic company sign, for presenting your product range or for advertising on scaffolding, facades or in department stores. You can easily print your content on your Forex plate in the online shop by either uploading the finished print data at the end of your order or creating it with the online designer. If you wish, you can also use the graphics service to have your hard foam board printed from Forex.

Small Material Science: Forex explained

PVC rigid foam sheets for direct plate printing consist of two thin plastic layers with a layer of rigid foam as the core in the middle. The light filling makes the advertising sign particularly light and so easy to assemble and transport. The even, white and silk matt surface is ideal for direct printing. The surface structure of a rigid foam plate ensures first-class ink adhesion, incomparable colour intensity and matt image quality during printing. The dimensionally stable plate can easily be covered with a long-lasting film or printed in high-resolution and low-cost UV printing. The foamed PVC sheet used by Bannerheld comes from Forex. A Forex plate convinces through professional production and special quality. Pay attention to these quality features when you have your Forex plate printed, because this way you can enjoy a high-quality print for longer.

Further information about the sign: How to print your Forex board

You still have questions? For example to the different signs from the online assortment? You want to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of the various materials, blanks or protective varnish or would like advice on how to make a purchase decision. Do you have a special requirement and need special assembly or lightning-fast production or delivery? Then simply contact Bannerheld Customer Service This will be happy to advise you on buying your advertising sign and help you professionally print your Forex plate.



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