Hard foam, any shape

Hard foam, any shape
Material: foamed PVC in sheet form, B1, 5 years durable
Print: UV direct printing
Size: Cut according to your specifications
Application: Advertising signs, building signs, company signs
Printed hard foam boards can be used indoors and outdoors. Ideal for signposts and office nameplates as well as indoor and outdoor advertising. These nameplates are also suitable for trade fairs because they are B1 certified.
Extra options: drilling: Ø 7 mm; corners rounded off: 6 mm radius

Hard foam, any shape


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Your print on Forex PVC rigid foam panels

Impressive image quality, low light reflection and an unbeatable price: The advantages of rigid foam board for direct plate printing are obvious. Their application possibilities are practically unlimited. The plate lasts long and weighs little. Their properties ensure the highest precision in direct plate printing. The rigid foam plate is ideal for digital printing or UV printing. It requires no pretreatment and is immediately ready for direct printing.

We print your desired motif

We bring your motifs to the hard foam board of your choice and in your desired format from extra small to very large with millimetre precision in digital printing or UV printing. On request, we can also supply unprinted raw panels as panel blanks. All our PVC rigid foam sheets are flame-resistant and B1-certified. Use your plate printing without restrictions at trade fairs and in public buildings. Bannerheld.de ensures fast and reliable delivery to your doorstep. For a professional assembly we have many practical accessories for you in the offer.

What exactly is Forex or PVC rigid foam?

Hard foam sheets of PVC for direct plate printing consist of two narrow plastic layers and a layer of hard foam. Its even, bright white and silk matt surface is ideal for direct printing. Their surface structure ensures first-class ink adhesion, incomparable colour intensity and matt image quality during printing. The dimensionally stable plate can be glued with a long-lasting foil print or printed in high-resolution and low-cost UV printing.

Where are PVC rigid foam sheets used?

PVC rigid foam sheets can be used indoors and outdoors:
as signs
in trade fair construction
at exhibitions
as advertising
for visual communication
Forex is also the perfect background for your digital printing in private use.

Due to its low weight, a panel pressure can be easily and securely attached to the wall. The hard foam board is weatherproof and water-repellent. Even in direct sunlight, the plate pressure does not yellow. Although UV-stable, outdoor use requires relatively uniform temperatures. Excessive heat distorts Forex plates. Therefore we recommend Bannerheld to use temperature resistant Alu-Dibond composite panels for company and facade signs.

<protective paint

Do you need particularly durable advertising signs? No problem. We offer you the option to apply SolProtect®  protective varnish to your panel. During the development of SolProtect® Flüssiglaminat, special emphasis was placed on good wetting and rapid drying with simultaneous surface strength. The water-like consistency of the Fluid laminate virtually eliminates any traces.

Special features?

Is quality saved because the plates are so cheap? We frequently ask these questions. The answer is no. Thanks to optimized production processes, short distances and effective use of materials, our product is cost-effective but of the best quality.

If you have a special request or question, <talk to us! Our staff will be happy to help you.



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