Face shield –Protective visor

Face shield –Protective visor


Our FaceShield works like a large pair of safety glasses and covers the entire face. The visor offers solid face & mouth protection that protects you against droplet infection through direct coughing or sneezing. The wide headband makes it comfortable to wear for a long time without it cutting in. The length of the headband can be easily adjusted using a Velcro strap. This means the protective visor can be used universally for different head sizes. The visor can be easily folded up and down as required.

The visor is made of clear PET and can be folded up or down. The headband can be fully printed on request. The FaceShield is delivered in white without print but can be printed on request.

Particularly lightweight: Work without major restrictions of movement
Sizing: One size fits all - suitable for the head circumference of most adults
Printing: Can be customised (optional layout service)
Availability: Immediately deliverable, large quantities available

Features: Disinfectable

The face shield is not designed, certified, or suitable as Personal Protective Equipment.

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Standard (7*), Standard Plus (4*), Express (2*), Overnight/Same day (1*)
*Weekdays (Mon-Fri) - selectable in the last order step

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Face shield –Protective visor


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Spit protection from Bannerhero –Your partner for high-quality protective visors

Bannerhero offers various solutions for high quality face protection and effective spit protection to provide effective protection for your employees and customers during regular customer interactions. From our range of hygiene protection products, anti-spit shields can increase safety at the point of sale. Customers as well as employees have effective protection in the event a person coughs, sneezes or spits.

Act responsibly and install anti-spit protection

The physical safety of you and your employees should always be the top priority in the workplace. Buy suitable anti-spit and face protection for you and your employees here in our online shop to comply with the general requirement to wear masks. Our professional customer service will be happy to provide you with detailed advice about our face protection and customization: you can phone them on weekdays from 9:00 am - 5:30 pm and of course also by e-mail.

Face protection features

Our face visor offers you safe and comfortable protection for your eyes, face or head while you work. The mask features a foldable visor which offers protection against droplet transmission through coughing, sneezing or spitting. Our face protection has many advantages:

  • -Light and elastic

  • -Sturdy material

  • -High wear comfort

  • -Fastener: Hook strap with fleece

  • -Good visibility

  • -Disinfectable


Face visor - Ideal combination of occupational safety and an unobstructed view

A protective shield for your face is essential for some activities and professions and is therefore absolutely necessary. Our face visor has a versatile range of applications across all industries. It is high-quality, individually adjustable and easy to disinfect. Our face visor is designed to cover the entire face. It is adjustable for all head sizes and therefore suitable for everyone. The integrated fleece band in the headband makes it comfortable to wear. The visor can be flipped up or down and is made of clear PET for easy cleaning and disinfection. The headband can be customised with a printed logo or design on request.

Also ideal for leisure activities, so you can act in good conscience and as a model for others

Right now we must act responsibly: Our exceptional circumstances require exceptional measures. What may seem strange or unfamiliar to us now may become normal tomorrow. Act responsibly, protect yourself and your surroundings.

Can face shields replace the function of a tight-fitting nose and mouth cover?

The decisions reached in different countries vary here:

The Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (Germany) has written this on the matter:

"Face visors and face shields are part of the personal protective equipment that are able to protect the face and possibly, depending on their length or extension parts, the neck against certain dangerous effects. Face visors are used to protect against infection, i.e. they are used during operations, examinations or dental procedures to minimise the chance of infectious agents entering via the conjunctiva of the eyes or the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose as a result of body fluid splashes. However, they do not fulfil the respiratory protection function. Due to this, additional respiratory protection must be worn when exposed to droplets or aerosols containing the virus. At most, face shields are able to contain the large aerosol droplets and reduce the distance aerosols from the exhaled air are ejected, however the aerosols still make their way unobstructed into the room area through the sometimes large gap between the nose/mouth and the protective shield. They do not offer a comparable level of protection to third parties as the nose/mouth cover. Therefore, from a patient protection perspective, the surgeon must wear a medical-grade nose/mouth protection during operations.

A face shield alone cannot replace the function of a tight-fitting nose/mouth cover.

Status: 05/05/2020 source


The Federal Ministry of Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection (Austria) answers the question

"Do face visors count as nose and mouth protection?" as follows:

"Face visors may be used as nose and mouth protection.

A face visor is made of a hard, transparent material and covers the mouth, eyes and chin area from the front and from the sides, providing a good barrier against saliva and nasal discharges.

(1/5/2020 at 14:30, source)


Therefore, the regulation of the state in which the mouth protection is to be worn shall apply.

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