Eco-L banner

Eco-L banner
Material: Aluminium frame, front-lit 510g/m², B1
Weight: 2,5 kg
Print: one-sided printing
Size: 80 x 200 cm
Scope of delivery: Print on Frontlit tarpaulin, B1 (flame retardant), aluminum frame with feet, aluminum rod and transport bag
The Eco-L variant isn't actually a roll up system, but a banner stretched over an L-system. You can roll the print up yourself and store it with the other accessories in the included carry case. The aluminium frame is very light and can be assembled quickly. The system is a low-cost alternative to a roll up banner, but can only be re-used a limited number of times. For longer campaigns or permanent use, we recommend the ecolight or the standard roll up.

Eco-L banner


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Online Roll Up Eco L design and printing

The 'price winner' among roll-ups is actually not a 'real' roll-up, because the typical mechanism, in which the advertising banner is rolled up into a cassette is missing in the Roll Up Eco. There is, however, hardly a cheaper display system on the market - whether it is used as customer stopper, tarpaulin or roll-up. The Roll Up Eco is an ideal addition to exhibition stands or for short-term events.

Offers and information

The L-System can be assembled easily and without tools. The one-sided printed banner is not protected against unfavourable light fall, because the back remains white. On the other hand, the system is particularly light weight and therefore uncomplicated and stress-free to transport. You roll up the banner print independently and store it separately with the other accessories in the carrying bag supplied. The system may be an alternative to a roll-up banner, but it can only be used repeatedly to a limited extent. Choose a more stable Roll Up Ecolight or Roll Up Standard if you are planning longer campaigns or more frequent use.

Create print data for Roll Up Eco L

Whatever Roll Up Banner you choose, your layout, your message or your motif must be on the banner! We can do this for you and just need your print data for the "Roll Up" Eco L banner. In the Bannerheld online shop you have various options to create and submit the files. You have your print files are already ready for printing - you are sure that you have the right ratio, the correct resolution and you have checked and approved your contents? Then simply upload your files at the end of your order. If you prefer to have the print data for your roll-up banner professionally checked again, book an additional professional data check. You don't have a suitable motive yet? Then create your Roll Up layout for free with the practical online designer from Bannerheld. However, you can also just send us what you want by e-mail and choose the graphics service when ordering your Roll Up Eco banner.

Advantages of the Roll Up Eco L in a nutshell:

  • cheap Roll Up Banner replacement

  • light system that can be set up and dismantled quickly and easily

  • stable PVC banner with a good print quality

  • different motifs cost nothing extra (Bannerhero standard)

Questions, suggestions and everything else about the printing of Roll Ups

Do you have further questions about the Roll Ups or the Eco L Banner? For example, you would like to find out about the differences between the various systems, banners and advertising technology or you need advice in choosing the appropriate product. Even if you need special accessories due to aditional requirements, we are the right contact and help you to realize your visions. From order to production and shipping to assembly: Contact our Customer Service.



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