File layout

The following information is intended to help you create a correct file for your banner design. This is important because we can only work quickly with correct files. This also avoids minor questions.

Raster graphics:
Working in color: CMYK
Working in black and white: GREYSCALE
Please always create raster graphics in a ratio of 1:1. The resolution should always be at least 75-100 dpi, if necessary also higher.

Vector graphics:
Vector graphics can also be created relatively, e.g. 1:3 or 1:10, since we can scale them as required.

File format:

  • TIFF (without compression or with compression LZW)
  • EPS (Adobe Photoshop with file preview turned off and with specified compression JPEG in highest quality)
  • JPEG
  • PDF

Convert or embed fonts in paths.
Color mode: CMYK. Data size up to 1.5 GB.1:1 Format: up to 3 m² 150 dpi, up to 10 m² 100 dpi, up to 20 m² 75 dpi, up to 50 m² 40 dpi, up to 100 m² 25 dpi, from 100 m² 18 dpi
1:10 Format: dpi * 10
TIFF files without compression, can be compressed with another program (ZIP, RAR, ARJ). We do not accept files that are unpacked by themselves.

For further questions about your banner design please contact us in advance!