Design your own banner

Bannerhero Designer Tutorial


 -When you duplicate an object on the screen möchten, simply click on it, hold the Alt key pressed and ziehen you drag it to the desired position
span style="font-size: x-small;"> -To proportional to enlarge or reduce , click on it and drag it with pressed ckter shift-key in the corresponding direction

 -To perform a step, press control (CTRL) and Z simultaneously
 -To Restore use the key combination Control (CTRL) and Y
 -If you have a Löschen möchten object, click Remove (DEL)


Smart keyboard shortcuts

All functions are explained when scrolling over. Right-click to edit objects. For example, you can cut, copy or move them. The Bannerheld Online Designer also allows the use of keyboard shortcuts.Create your own banner now. Our new, improved web2print online designer is now available. Let your creativity run wild and design your individual print motif. With the new and user-optimised design tool, you can create the layout for your print conveniently from home or from your desk. Create your own banner according to your wishes. The best thing about our new online designer: its uncomplicated operation. With just a few clicks you can design your print online. Realize your desired design today.

Für more freedom in design

With the Bannerheld Designer you can design almost all of our products online. Create the rollup of your choice, design your individual tarpaulin or design the layout for your new folding screen. You can even design a complete exhibition wall yourself with the smart online tool. From the original popup to the simple adhesive film you can design everything online.


Our tool for your best prints

With the Bannerheld Online Designer we offer you a user-friendly, free, web-based image editing program. Use it to create your print motifs for your advertising banner, your adhesive film, your folding wall or your popup. Upload your logo or images and assemble them as you wish. With the designer you can easily design your new tarpaulin, your next rollup or your current trade fair wall yourself. Once you have finished creating your print motif, you can view it as a PDF, download it or edit it again. Our system saves your file in your customer backend.


Get started!

The use of our online designer does not require any basic knowledge. All functions of the image processing program are easy to use. Despite its many features, the system is clear and easy to learn. Even newcomers to banner advertising can get started immediately. Discover how much fun it is when you design your banners yourself. You can create your banner, rollup, tarpaulin or folding screen entirely with our designer using the tools provided by the system. Discover our new web2print tool and create unique print motifs. Just go to and get started.


Easy handling

Draw, insert clip art or produce text. Combine the individual elements with each other and compose a unique print motif. The size, background color, foreground and background, transparency and curvature can be easily modified. The online designer also has a rotating function. With the new layer control, selected print objects can be moved to the foreground or background. Its alignment function allows objects to be aligned automatically. The customer-friendly user interface of the Bannerheld Designer helps you to design your product optimally. You have a whole range of different design tools at your disposal, such as the pen tool, the line tool, the ellipse tool or the classic colour pipette. Design an individual trade fair wall, an extraordinary popup, an eye-catching adhesive film or an invisible advertising banner: artistic and professional.